Two of the best free applications out there

December 24, 2008 at 6:00 pm Leave a comment

This post gives pointers to two free applications (let’s call them frapps.. because it sounds spacy, that’s why!) that I’m a fan of. Let me know what you think of them!


Available at, this frapp let’s you launch every application (and documents too if you like) with a few keystrokes. When you press alt+space the launchy program appears and you can start typing. After typing a few letters of your program name Launchy will show a list with matches. The cool thing about this is you can start an application using just your keyboard, and with a minimum amount of keystrokes. It’s like you are using a console to launch the applications but way more user-friendly than a console prompt!


My use for it:

After years of experience I feel like finally having perfected the craft of using Launchy :-). I only index the .lnk (shortcuts) in a dedicated folder, so Launchy works extremely snappy. When I use a certain application a lot I place a shortcut in this folder. I also created a toolbar of this folder in my windows taskbar (see so I can just drag the shortcut in there to add it to the Launchy index.

I also added some shortcuts for regularly visited sites like gmail and wikipedia (this is a .url instead of .lnk, so add this extension too).  

If you have some folders on your harddrive that you visit often, you can add them too. You could use StandaloneStack (available at to fold open the folder with a nice effect.  


I’m just using it for two months now, but this really is an extremely cool note-taking-app! 

The features:

  • take notes (duh). Either by grabbing a portion of the screen, by copying from website or just by plain typing. 
  • character recognition. You’ll be able to search your notes, even if the note is a screenshot or photo of some text. 
  • synchronisation with Evernote on the web and Evernote on other systems. I use Evernote on my pc at work and at home, but I’m always working on the same version. 
  • An API that allows far-out customizing, and a command utility that allows less far-out scripting. 
  • Forward a mail to a certain evernote-email adress and it will appear as a note in Evernote


Clever uses for it:

You can find lots of clever hints online, check out these sites: and My personal tip to add to these clever uses: mail an item from Google Reader to your evernote e-mail adress and the Google Reader item appears as a note in your Evernote! 

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