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Serial com-port communication with autoIt

This weekend I found out how to read from / write to a com port with autoIt code. I created a file with some functions that read/write single characters or lines. To communicate with a com port, I use the CreateFile function from Kernel32.dll.

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PIC18F4455 USB Bootloader

This week I’ve put the USB Bootloader on my PIC experimental board. A bootloader allows you to program the PIC uC without a programmer. More info about using the bootloader can be found on this site. This post addresses some problems I had with the bootloader.

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Using Eclipse for PIC development

I’m a fan of the Eclipse environment and I try to use it as much as possible for as many programming languages as possible. There’s the default JAVA environment, but you can also download the CDT plug-in to handle your C / C++ needs, PDT for writing PHP, Aptana for Javascript and so on.. But I hadn’t used it before to write code for my PIC microcontroller. I liked the idea though, because the MPLAB environment of Eclipse (in which you normally write the code) is a bit old-fashioned..

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