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Continuous testing: using Hudson for Maven projects

I experimented a bit with Continuous Integration a while ago. I found some great freely available tools which facilitate the automatic building and testing of (web) applications. In this post I’ll discuss the setup of a system that uses Hudson to automate the build and testing process. I intend to write some follow up posts that digg further into testing a web application using Selenium.

In this post I assume you have already set up a Maven project, and that you use Subversion as version control system (check out my other post if you are unsure about this).

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Using Eclipse for multi-module Maven2 projects (part 2)

In the first post we installed Eclipse and some plugins. Now we will start using the m2eclipse plugin to open and create Maven projects. This post will show how to create a Maven webapplication in Eclipse.

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Using Eclipse for PIC development

I’m a fan of the Eclipse environment and I try to use it as much as possible for as many programming languages as possible. There’s the default JAVA environment, but you can also download the CDT plug-in to handle your C / C++ needs, PDT for writing PHP, Aptana for Javascript and so on.. But I hadn’t used it before to write code for my PIC microcontroller. I liked the idea though, because the MPLAB environment of Eclipse (in which you normally write the code) is a bit old-fashioned..

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Using Eclipse for multi-module Maven2 projects

I have been diving into a lot of Java and Eclipse recently. We’re setting up a Continuous Integration system at work, using Hudson as the engine. Because sometimes things didn’t went as smooth as I would have liked them to go I decided to write some posts about setting up the system. In this first post we’ll be setting up Eclipse with the necessary plugins.

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Switch from ASP to PHP

We’re going to switch from asp (with MS Access databases) to php (with a mySQL database) as quick as possible in this tutorial. This file ain’t a full blown PHP tutorial, it just focusses on the important differences between ASP and PHP that might get you stuck for a while.

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